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Is your vehicle braking not performing like it was new? Does it make noises, vibration? Sounds like a brake system fault. Does it look like the below image?

Let our Red Seal Certified technicians help you solve your problem.
Noise, squeaking, growling, vibration, brake malfunction warning light are all possible symptoms of a faulty brake system. Trust in our Red Seal Technicians that are trained and familiar with new enhanced braking systems and technology, OEM performance braking systems, and aftermarket high performance brake packages.

Complete comprehensive inspection of the braking system from the pedal assembly, to hydraulics, ABS to brake pads and rotors are an important part of diagnosing the faulty brake system.

No Shortcuts, we perform repairs in accordance with Manufacturer’s specifications and instructions to maintain reliability and comfort for luxury vehicles and regular vehicles.

Quality parts, Trusted Brands ONLY. Not all aftermarket parts are created for quality but all OEM parts are. Sometimes the design can be just as good as OEM, but results in a different driving characteristic. There are also a lot of brands making equal or better quality parts vs. OEM.

Trusted Brands include OEM supplier Brembo, Textar, Sebro, Pagid, ATE, TRW , Akebono, Nissin.

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